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Many of us are looking for a personal breakthrough, a revelation that brings about meaning to our lives and invokes healing at a deep level. 

Based on Torah wisdom and through her own story of personal struggle, Hanna Perlberger reveals truths in a timeless manner.  Her simple but profound teachings soften the hardened heart, and when life hurts, she inspires us to bring gratitude and acceptance into the present moment. 

Although life's journey can be challenging, Perlberger's work serves to reveal the source of our self-limiting beliefs to bring about much needed transformation and extend a hand of friendship when we need it most.


Word on the Street

A Year of Sacred Moments is a spiritual guide, a moral compass, that can help you navigate life’s challenging terrain. The sacred moments you will experience as you work your way through the book will positively impact your days, your weeks, and your life as a whole.

Tal Ben-Shahar, author, Being Happy and Happier

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