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Partners in Life

Creating the Life You Love With the Love of Your Life

About this Program:

Congratulations! You have taken a powerful step by being conscious and intentional to move your pre-committed relationship into a successful and long-lasting life partnership. This program will help you achieve a greater understanding of what is required for you to have a happy and thriving marriage.


The Partners in Life Program is designed to help for Pre-Marital Couples improve their likelihood of having a successful marriage by: 

  • acquiring a deeper understanding of yourself and each other

  • co-creating a shared vision of your life together

  • clarifying your commitment to your relationship and your partner

  • learning new relationship skills that will help to open communications, provide a process for managing differences, and resolving conflicts

Program Goals:

  • Get clarity about yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

  • Learn skills, tools, and concepts necessary for the long-term success of your love relationships.

  • Become empowered to consciously commit to this relationship if it is in alignment with your individual vision, requirements, and needs.

  • Increase the likelihood of long-term relationship success and decrease the likelihood of failure.

Program Structure:

The Partners in Life program begins with a 90-minute intake session and six 90-minute coaching sessions. Expect at least 1- 11/2 hours of homework per week, including reading assignments and completing assigned exercises and practice. 


I encourage you to commit to the process of using this coaching program and to defer decisions about the future of your relationship until the end of this program.

Additional coaching sessions may be added for individual and/or couples coaching, as desired.

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