A Distinct Mission

Why the Shalom Bayit Project?

Shalom (Peace) comes from the word, “Shalem,” which means “whole.”  “Shalom Bayit,” a “Peaceful Home,” is the term ideally used for marital harmony that is intended to be based on wholeness, togetherness, and fulfillment.  All too often, however, it has become a term that is used to exemplify "grudging sacrifice," a compromise more to avoid marital conflict than to promote true harmony.  


With divorce rates in the Jewish community at an all-time high, rampant marital discord, and the so-called “singles crisis,” however, even this level of Shalom Bayit is on the decline. What may have worked well for previous generations is not as successful in today's world and challenges.

But the flip side of a challenge is always an opportunity!  And so we have the unique task of reimagining Shalom Bayit and finding our way to wholeness, together, and fulfillment.  


That is the goal of the Shalom Bayit Project – to help build the “Peaceful Home” from the ground up. ​By combining the best of modern research on relationships with the wisdom of the Torah, you can transform "making peace" from grudging sacrifice to life’s most fulfilling adventure.  While being down-to-earth, sensible, and easy to apply, the methodology of the Shalom Bayit Project is not just a set of ideas or strategies to manage conflict - but rather an opportunity for a new vision of what is possible.

Meet Hanna Perlberger

Family Lawyer, Author, Coach, and Founder of the Shalom Bayit Project

A long-time divorce lawyer, I was disturbed by the surge in divorce and the dissolution of families in my community. I knew my mission had to take a dramatic turn and I decided to apply my expertise not just to prevent divorce, but to help promote truly thriving relationships. I am proud and excited to launch the Shalom Bayit Project to support Jewish singles and couples in the journey of conscious dating, mindful marriage, and a radical approach to love and intimacy as a spiritual path. When we learn to follow our hearts with intentional awareness, emotional courage, and compassion, we can reclaim our wholeness, and create loving, harmonious, and peaceful relationships with ourselves and others. 

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